What does it take to craft a leading brand of de-alcoholized cannabis-infused beverage? Born in Southern California, Two Roots is true to the roots of what makes a great drinking experience: the process, the product itself, and the people who drink it.

True to our craft.

Make no mistake, Two Roots is a true craft beverage. We take pride in our own team who ensure an authentic, full-body crafted beverage experience in every batch.

Nanoemulsion technology.

Delivers an enhanced experience of high quality CBD and THC. How? By breaking it down into smaller particles that are more readily absorbed by the body—significantly speeding up the onset of effects!

A consistent amount in every sip.

Compared to edibles that contain a random distribution of THC, Two Roots technology delivers a consistent dose of THC in every can. The nanoemulsion technology means it’s evenly distributed and ready to be wholly enjoyed.

Banish the sloppy buzz.

It doesn’t matter how much you partake. With just one serving or several, the infused THC takes effect in minutes and dissipates within 90 minutes of the last swallow. So you can be a class act all night.

A simply superior formula.

We get it. Cannabis-infused refreshments are evolving and Two Roots Technology has already sprinted beyond the ancient process that lets the ingredients separate, and leaves THC clinging to the can where it does absolutely no good for anyone!

How do we know all this?

Testing, baby. Not only do we apply third party testing (like everyone does), we also literally test our cannabis-infused drinks from top to bottom. Yep, we make sure you’re getting a consistent level of active ingredient from the very first sip right down to the last.


No skipping on style.

Two Roots offers a variety to cater to consumer tastes: Enough Said, New West, Tropical Infamy, Sonder, and RCG.

No hang-over!

Boosted with electrolytes and B-vitamins for maximum hydration (on top of the bonus fact that cannabis-infused beverage eradicates any chance of a hangover).

Be the life of the party.

Readily blends into a social lifestyle and gatherings, and the low-calorie servings won’t add up (80-110 calories per 10 fl.oz. can).

Great taste, without the distasteful after-effects.

Say hello to the kinder, gentler party mode, featuring moments you’ll be happy to remember.

A simply superior formula.

THC infusion adds a quick, clean psychoactive high.

Micro-dose, is the way to dose.

Build on consumer trends, aid relaxation, ease stress and promotes a better sleep.